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Our Story

John Malvizzi
John Malvizzi and Grandson

John Malvizzi

Since the passing of John Malvizzi in July of 2021, his daughter Nina Judge and her husband, Bobby Judge have been searching for the right way to honor him and his life. John was a beloved father, grandfather, son, brother, and friend. His world was full of spoiling his grandson, car shopping, taking long rides, and enjoying a good diner breakfast on Sunday mornings. There was an abundance of happiness surrounding John but unknown to most, he lived with bipolar disorder. At times, his mental illness prevented him from doing these things he cherished so deeply and would ultimately lead to his death by suicide. His life and his struggle moved Nina and Bobby toward mental health awareness and suicide prevention. They began researching existing organizations whose mission was to improve and illuminate the darker side of life so many choose to hide. Though these organizations exist currently, Nina and Bobby recognize the need for MORE support, MORE awareness, and MORE education. They believed in the cause but agreed more needed to be done. To close the gap, advance the message, and honor John Malvizzi,  Nina and Bobby decided to create the JM Foundation.

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