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What is the clear umbrella?

The Clear Umbrella is about breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. It is a metaphor for speaking openly about mental health and the impacts that can be made if we #seethroughit.

In The Clear Umbrella, the structure is mental health and the transparent fabric is awareness.

When we use a clear umbrella, we can easily see our surroundings. We do not struggle to lift the umbrella above our heads to see where we are going. We can speak openly with others, all the while remaining protected.

If we speak openly about mental health and our struggles, it allows others to see us, which can help us #seethroughit.

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Bobby & Nina Wedding, Clear Umbrella, Tia Leigh Photography

Co-founders Bobby and Nina hope the message that The Clear Umbrella symbolizes resonates with anyone who reads it. The idea poured out of them when they sat down one day to begin writing the mission and vision of this organization. It is representative of the passion they both share for raising awareness for mental health.

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